The sports world is buzzing with yesterday’s news of Florida’s Urban Meyer’s sudden resignation. I was enjoying a day-after Christmas dinner with my family when I saw the news…when I called everyone’s attention to it, there was this common sense of disbelief around the room. “What? Not this guy!” “Why would he do that? He has 2 national championships in only 5 years!” “Wonder if Petrino’s headed there…” (that last one has nothing to do with this post…just laughed at the thought!)So what is this guy thinking? Coach Meyer offered up the explanantion that he was walking away for health reasons. There is a great summary of the story here. Makes me pause to think as well. I mean, what more could Cach Meyer accomplish? He saw that the job was taking away from his life! He was missing time with his family. I don’t know about his personal faith, but I can surmise that it played a role in his decision. Will he coach again? Probably, but that’s not the point of this post. I would just encourage you to take a personal inventory now about your job…about your sport….about your schoolwork….take an inventory of anything that seems to be taking up WAY too much space in your life. Ask yourself if there is anything getting in the way of your faith…of your family….of your health. If you can be honest with yourself, and listen to that voice inside of you, are your priorities out of sync? Are you sacrificing the best things in life in order to experience the 2nd-best things?Your health is your decision….don’t take it for granted. Your family is your gift….don’t take it for granted. Your personal faith is your true heartbeat….don’t take it for granted. Re-evaluate your life.

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