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Arkansas Sports Performance Center is the premier facility for sports-specific performance & speed training in Little Rock. We offer our athletes only the best in results-based exercise programs on our high-tech equipment. There is no other place to go if you want the absolute best for your athletic enhancement. Our programs are custom-made for athletes of any sport, from 9 years old & up. GUARANTEED RESULTS!! We know you will be a better athlete!


  • Increase Maximum Sprint Speed
  • Improve Sprinting Biomechanics
  • Increase Proprioception, Improved Body Composition & Enhanced Self-Esteem
  • Increase Strength, Power & Acceleration


There are other places in Little Rock for speed training that help make good athletes into better athletes. We recognize that there are others who do a good job of this. But NO ONE ELSE can offer you this:

  • Proven, guaranteed results: everyone who has participated has improved! The results speak for themselves!
  • ASPC is where the elite athletes train: professional & collegiate athletes make this their place to train during their off-season. Darren McFadden, Tank Daniels (Super Bowl Champs NY Giants), Tyrell Johnson (2008 2nd round pick of the Vikings), Dustin Moseley (LA Angels of Anaheim) are just a few.
  • Research: we bring the latest in exercise science & physiology into all of our programs. We are at the intersection of sport & science.
  • Equipment: No one else has the technology in their equipment to offer what we do. From high-speed/high-incline treadmills to NASA-inspired strength devices, we are the cutting edge.
  • Sports-Medicine Approach: while we are aggressive in our training methods, we do emphasize safe techniques to minimize injury risk. Our licensed & certified athletic trainer makes sure that our programs help you meet your goals without putting you in the doctor’s office.
  • Staff: only ASPC has personnel with these credentials-certified athletic trainer & certified strength & conditioning specialists. We know athletes! All of our trainers hold certification.
  • Value: most of our programs are around $30/visit. Compare what you get with any personal trainer in the area, & you will see that there is great value in our programs.
  • Athletic Republic: we are a proud member of the top sports training network in the world. Visit www.athleticrepublic.com for more information.


BJ Maack ATC, CSCS, AR is featured on SportsMD

BJ Maack ATC, CSCS, AR Level 3 Certification BJ has over 19 years experience of directly helping athletes be the best they can be. He spent six seasons with the St. Louis Cardinals professional baseball organization as an athletic trainer, and over 14 years working for one of the most highly respected orthopedic groups in the South. He also has organized the annual FCA High School Football Combine. He has owned Arkansas Sports Performance Center (ASPC) since 2003, and has helped thousands of athletes reach their full potential, both from an injury/rehab perspective as well as those athletes who are looking to improve their game.bjmaack@arsportsperformance.com
Zach McCrotty, AR Level 3 Certification Zach McCrotty was born and raised in central Arkansas and has a Bachelors degree in Exercise Science from UCA and interned ASPC. McCrotty has worked at ASPC since 2008. He is a certified personal trainer. His passion lies in sports because he “believes that sports are not only fun, but they can build an individual’s character.” He is committed to helping athletes succeed their goals on the playing field, but most importantly their goals in life. Zach@arsportsperformance.com
Michael McGonegal, AR Level 2 Certification. Originally from Brighton, Michigan, Michael McGonegal is currently attending the University of Central Arkansas where he is pursing his degree in Athletic Training. He attended Manchester College where he played football in 1999. Michael has worked in physical therapy and the sports medicine field for over 8 years. He has been at Arkansas Sports Performance Center since 2007 and is Level II certified by the Athletic Republic.Michael@arsportsperformance.com
Kimberly Sherrell, DPT  Physical Therapist
Kimberly attended Arkansas State University and the University of Central Arkansas, where she earned a Bachelor of Science in Health Sciences Degree and a Doctorate of Physical Therapy in 2006. Her areas of experience include geriatrics, orthopedics and sports related injuries. Her passion is prevention and rehabilitation of the female ACL injury.
Katie Rhodes, Sports Nutritionist
Katie Rhodes was raised in Little Rock and received her B.S. degree in Dietetics and Nutrition from UCA in Conway, AR. She is currently finishing her Master’s of Science degree in Nutrition from UAMS, emphasizing in Sports Nutrition and Geriatric Nutrition, and will complete her official Dietetic Internship at UAMS next May to receive her Registered Dietitian certification. Katie’s passion has always been to help others reach nutritional goals through accountability and dedication. This passion led her to focus on sports nutrition because she believes that “each person has a unique need to meet their specific fitness goals, and nutrition is an essential component that many people overlook.” She is dedicated to making sports nutrition a priority to athletes and wants to see them conquer their long term goals through nutrition and physical fitness.


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